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Vision and Mission of the Heads of Medicines Agencies


The Heads of Medicines Agencies aim to protect and promote public and animal health in Europe.

Mission Statement

The Heads of Medicines Agencies works to foster an effective and efficient European medicines regulatory system.

Who are we?

The Heads of Medicines Agencies is a network of the Heads of the National Competent Authorities whose organisations are responsible for the regulation of Medicinal Products for human and veterinary use in the European Economic Area. The Heads of Medicines is supported by working groups covering specific areas of responsibility and by the Heads of Medicines Agencies Management Group and Permanent Secretariat.

The Heads of Medicines Agencies co-operates with the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission in the operation of the European Medicines Regulatory Network ("the Network").

Working principles

In its work, the Heads of Medicines Agencies is committed to:

  • Securing the efficient and effective operation of both the European Medicines Regulatory System and the Network.
  • Ensuring that available resources are sufficient to support the work of the network. Ensuring that the Network is aware of and responds appropriately to the challenges it faces due to the ever-changing nature of the environment in which it operates.
  • Openness and transparency within the Network.
  • Being attentive and providing a high level of performance to our stakeholders.
  • Exploring work sharing possibilities in order to use the best expertise and to save resources.
  • Being trustworthy by being receptive to new knowledge and sound argument and adapting its positions and strategies accordingly.

Main activities

The Heads of Medicines Agencies:

  • Addresses key strategic issues for the network, such as the exchange of information, IT developments and sharing of best practice.
  • Focuses on the development, co-ordination and consistency of the European medicines regulatory system.
  • Ensures the most effective and efficient use of resources across the network. This includes developing and overseeing arrangements for work-sharing.
  • Co-ordinates the mutual recognition (MRP) and decentralised procedures (DCP).
  • Member agencies support the network by providing high quality professional and scientific resources to all areas of medicines regulation including centralised, MRP, DCP and national procedures.

Heads of Medicines Agencies - Highlights and achievements
(published on the occasion of the 50th HMA meeting on 11-12 July 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal)
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