The Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) Management Group, as endorsed during the Irish Presidency in 2004, has as its main-objectives the co-ordination and facilitation of the operation of HMA, and the supervision and management of the HMA Permanent Secretariat.

The current composition of the HMA Management Group is:


  • Björn Eriksson (MPA, Sweden) as Chairperson | biography
  • Thomas Heberer (BVL, Germany) | biography
  • Momir Radulović (JAZMP, Slovenia) | biography
  • Gytis Andrulionis (VVKT, Lithuania) | biography
  • J. Gabriel Beechinor (HPRA, Ireland) | biography
  • Lars Bo Nielsen (DKMA, Denmark) | biography
  • Rui Santos Ivo (INFARMED, Portugal) | biography
  • Presidency of the EU Council: Hugues Malonne (FAMHP, Belgium) |


The Permanent Secretariat (HMA PS) shall facilitate and support the work of HMA, HMA MG and the Presidency by ensuring co-ordination, consistency and continuity of their work and activities and providing the collective memory of HMA in order to be an efficient and effective partner in the European network.

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