Vision and mission of the Heads of Medicines Agencies

Protecting and promoting public health in Europe is the main principle which inspires the HMA action.

Its mission is to foster an effective and efficient European medicines regulatory system.

In its work, the HMA is committed to:

  • securing the efficient and effective operation of both the European Medicines Regulatory System and the Network
  • ensuring that available resources are sufficient to support the work of the network. Ensuring that the Network is aware of and responds appropriately to the challenges it faces due to the ever-changing nature of the environment in which it operates
  • openness and transparency within the Network
  • being attentive and providing a high level of performance to our stakeholders
  • exploring work sharing possibilities in order to use the best expertise and to save resources
  • being trustworthy by being receptive to new knowledge and sound argument and adapting its positions and strategies accordingly.