Working Group of Communication Professionals (WGCP)


The Working Group of Communications Professionals (WGCP) was established in 2007 by the HMA to  help develop communications expertise, share good practice, help co-ordinate communications across the HMA network in a crisis, develop HMA’s engagement with its stakeholders and help develop and improve the website for the HMA.

The WGCP supports the work of the European Regulatory medicines network (ERMN) in regard to public health and animal health and welfare, the HMA Working Group of Communication Professionals (HMA WGCP) shall foster the professional communication between ERMN, its stakeholders (e.g. patients, physicians, veterinarians, pharmaceutical industry, and other healthcare professionals) and the general public (including the media).

Members and Representatives

  • Representatives from both human and veterinary regulatory bodies.

  • Representatives from bodies across the NCAs, EFTA states and the European Medicines Agency.

  • WGCP is currently chaired by AEMPS, ES and vice-chaired by BFARM, DE with an election every three years.

           Chair: Diego Pernas, AEMPS, ES

           Vice-chair: Sabine Cibura, BfArM, DE

           Mentor: María Jesús Lamas Díaz, AEMPS, ES


  • Meeting cycle:  two times per year, once per EU-presidency (The secretariat for the group is provided by the country hosting the meeting) and biweekly online meetings to deal with day-to-day topics
  • The members of the WGCP are appointed on the basis of their expertise in communication and, if appropriate, experience in the field of human or veterinary medicines. Members are designated by the National Competent Authorities.


Contact Point:

Diego Pernas (Chair), AEMPS, ES


Activities and achievements

HMA has a number of diverse stakeholders, and particularly need to establish two-way communication and effective relationships  among regulators. This has to be sustained to build trust and a shared commitment to work together to protect and promote public and animal health.

Therefore, under the HMA WGCP mandate there are several key activities to be developed on a regular basis:

  • Share good practice in communications across the network and foster the growth of communication capabilities of all the NCAs represented in the group, through the exchange of best practice/training courses/workshops/guest speakers, etc.
  • Provide a forum for the NCAs to engage with the EMA in all areas of communications.
  • Developing strategies for regular joint communication campaigns on high-profile issues across the network; in close cooperation with EMA and other European health institutions whenever relevant.
  • Advise the HMA and its Management Group on strategic communications and external relations.
  • Improve and prepare for a enhanced crisis communication strategy among regulator within HMA and with EMA.
  • Discuss related matters that can involve two or more countries
  • Create a coordinated communication if needed.
  • Assure a coherent communication among NCAs in all issuer related to communication