European Surveillance Strategy Working Group (ESS WG)


In support of the efforts of the European Medicines Regulatory Network (EMRN) with regard to animal and public health and environment protection, the ESS WG will provide strategic support to the HMA in the post-authorisation surveillance of veterinary medicinal products marketed in the EU.

In particular, the Working Group will provide strategic advice for coordinated approach to all matters related to veterianry pharmacovigilance. This includes continuous monitoring of products by workshare procedures, actions to improve the level of reporting from the veterinary practice, development of more effective use of pharmacovigilance data as well as furtheer development of risk management strategies and risk communication.

It also covers risks arisiing from quality problems, shortages and internet sales. In addition, the Working Group provides advice on matters that affect the sustainability or future development of the network.

The ESS WG meet at least two times a year, face to face.

Members and Representatives

The ESS WG is composed of representatives of DE, BE, NL, SE, IE, SE, ES and FR.


Contact Point:

Ms. Constance McDaniel, BVL (DE)