Support for Better Use of Medicines


The Working Group for the MAWP priority on “Support for better use of medicines” has been established in February, 2017, in order to oversee and coordinate all the actions related to the priority, which are:

  • Action 27: To work with the Quality Review of Documents Group to ensure harmonisation in order to facilitate multi-lingual packages, especially in minor markets.
  • Action 50: Improved communication tools for patients and HCP’s to improve use of medicines including embracing new approaches to optimise communication in different media mediums, tailoring guidance on prescriptions and improving information to patients.

These actions, along with its background, composition, working approach and work streams are gathered in the Mandate of the WG, which was adopted on September 2016.

Members and Representatives

The WG is composed of representatives from the Working Group of Communication Professionals (WGCP), Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Spain.

Chair: María Jesús Lamas Díaz, Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS).

Support: Audun Haga, Statens legemiddelverk/ Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA).


María Jesús Lamas Díaz

Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS)

Activities and Achievements

In order to comply with the performance indicators, it is proposed to advance through different work streams:

  1. Revisiting the content of information on medicinal products currently provided to patients and healthcare professionals.
  2. Analysis of new tools, approaches and contents of information on medicinal products that could be provided to patients and healthcare professionals in a clearer and more educational format.
  3. To explore solutions to integrate the information contents analyzed in work streams 1 and 2 into current process of assessment and approval of medicines.

Key Documents List

Mandate Support for Better Use